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The ability to effectively coach is a valuable leadership skill that can enhance productivity and significantly transform teams. That’s why it was fantastic to gather so many senior Procurement Professionals together at our leadership forum last week to gain some expert leadership coaching tips from David Chapman , the owner of Practical Coach Training.

David is a much in-demand trainer and coach, with an academic background in executive coaching, emotional intelligence and positive psychology. During last week’s event he took our Leaders through an interactive morning at DMH Stallard’s Head Quarters in Crawley, where they were able to gain a real insight into coaching and take away some valuable, hands on tools to enhance their leadership capabilities.

Understanding how we communicate as individuals and learning to recognise and respond to the communication styles of others formed a key part of the session and David used simple but stimulating tools and exercises to help illustrate this in more detail. For those of you who attended, the composition of your Starburst profile will no doubt be fresh in your mind! For those of you who couldn’t make it, attendees were given three starburst sweets in blue, red and green. Each colour represented a different communication style; think, feel and know. Individuals then had to arrange the sweets in their perceived order of preferred communication.

The fun continued when their complimentary Do-Zen psychometric profiles were revealed. The Do-Zen’s are detailed reports based on the blue, red and green principles and it was fascinating to see how closely each report matched the personal assessment of its’ owner.

Another challenge Leaders undertook was comparable to blind Pictionary. Everyone paired up and sat with their backs to their partners. They were then given an obscure diagram to describe to the person behind them and that person had to try and re-create it. It was as tricky as it sounds but also did a good job of highlighting how communication styles can be perceived in totally different ways with totally different outcomes.

David cleverly linked these exercises to walking delegates through a coaching model, enabling them to go away with a useful model to practise some coaching on a day to day basis.

These are just a couple of examples of activities which made the morning so memorable, and Procurement Heads along with our co-hosts DMH Stallard would like to thank David for injecting such energy, innovation and expertise into the event.

We are also pleased to remind everyone who attended that they can enjoy a 15% discount off David’s Executive Coaching course if they book before the end of March 2016. This also applies to anyone else who holds a leadership position within their organisation.

So whether you ‘think’ you would benefit from some coaching, ‘feel’ it could enhance your team’s performance or ‘know’ it would enhance your leadership skills; why not invest in yourself this month – a truly valuable commodity.

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