2014 boosts jobs, salaries and opportunities for procurement

It’s official; recruiting procurement talent is now a number one priority for procurement leaders.

At the ProcureCon Indirect conference  in London recently one of the key issues raised was how to recruit and retain the best procurement people. A recent survey also showed that 29% of buyers in the UK were looking to change jobs and 41% of employers had expressed concern at loosing their employees.

There has been a significant shift in the market. As little as six months ago the onus was still on the job seeker to pull out all the stops if they wanted a chance of progressing with their career. In 2014 however things are far more favourable for procurement professionals seeking new career prospects. The economy has strengthened, boosting confidence and more generally lifting the spectre of perceived risk surrounding recruitment that had loomed over the market for some years. Procurement leaders are starting to realise that if they want to hold onto their best people and attract new talent into the business, they’ll need to do more than discuss the possibility of an ‘in-line with inflation’ salary increase and be more innovative about their opportunities.

People in the procurement profession have also started to realise their worth. A senior buyer within our regions of Hampshire and Dorset can earn up to £45k whilst a CPO can demand as much as £150k.

All of this of course is extremely good news for procurement people with a thirst for career development. Higher wages, better reward packages and wider and more plentiful job opportunities are all part and parcel of the 2014 job market. Follow this link to our job board to get a flavour of what to expect: http://procurementheads.com/jobs/.

A personal and tailored procurement recruitment approach, an extensive and exclusive network of qualified procurement professionals and job opportunities, rewarding loyalty and operating locally across Hampshire, Dorset, Sussex, Middlesex, Wiltshire, Berkshire and Surrey  – these are the reasons why people choose to work with Procurement Heads – to join our world visit www.procurementheads.com

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