About Us


Procurement Heads is all about getting to know great Procurement people and bringing them together to make outstanding Procurement teams. We don’t like the labels ‘candidate’ and ‘client’, believing instead in the power of, and long-term investment in, great relationships.

We keep things simple, enabling us to demonstrate our expertise in recruiting Senior Procurement professionals. In this niche market, we understand the value of working in partnership, both in helping people develop their careers and in supporting organisations to build world-class teams.

Procurement encompasses a broad range of job titles that fall in and out of fashion, ranging from Procurement Consultants and Category Managers to Heads of Procurement, Directors and CPOs. We recognise that organisations will have marked variation in these titles, whilst the broad content is often the same.

Typically we specialise in the following areas:

      • Procurement, Purchasing and Buying
      • Strategic Sourcing
      • Category & Commodity Management
      • Contract Management
      • Vendor/Supplier Management
      • E-Procurement