• Mentoring in Procurement 2016

    Mentoring programmes have been identified by numerous academics as a key constituent of alleviating and mitigating barriers employees face in workplace progression. A recent Harvard Business Review article found that junior to mid level employees who have undertaken such mentoring programmes advance more quickly, earn higher salaries and thrive from increased job satisfaction. As collaboration […]

  • SRM

    Our recent Winter Market Insights publication has just been published exploring the changing landscape of Procurement. We found an increased need for the number of category specific procurement professionals. It is evident that category management has now come to the forefront of the industry with more focus on that end-to-end process. From initial Market Analysis, […]

  • When I talk to graduates about to embark on the world of work and ask them what their ideal company looks like, they nearly always describe a large, corporate company often with great offices. But is this the best route to fast track success?

    Many of us have experienced working for large organisations and been given the opportunity to change positions multiple times within that same business. Larger organisations tend to have more sites in different locations allowing individuals to be more flexible with living and travel choices. Within Procurement, corporate organisations exhibit strong brand awareness and recognition resulting […]

  • Procurement Heads Market Insights – Winter Quarterly Review

    Thought leadership is one of the guiding principles that drives our activities at Procurement Heads. To that end, please find a link to our latest Quarterly Market Insights. Gathering the thoughts of senior procurement leaders across the region to gain insight into their world always proves to be interesting reading. This quarter we investigated ‘Change’ […]

  • The UK Economy, Brexit & Trump

    This morning we enjoyed an insightful business breakfast hosted by the Chilworth Partnership & Venture Recruitment Partners at the Chilworth Manor Hotel and we heard from one of the UK’s leading economic commentators, Alex Brummer. Brummer has been City Idiot of the Daily Mail since 2000 and is a multi-award winning economic finance commentator. The […]

  • Procurement Heads – Ready Set Grow

    This month Procurement Heads is delighted to announce they have extended a warm welcome to Paul Booth as Manager in the team. Specialising in recruiting senior procurement professionals across the London, Paul has 10 years’ experience working in the technical and procurement sectors. Paul brings a new dimension to the Procurement Heads team and will […]

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