Economy, Jobs, procurement and ‘The Budget’ for 2014

The Budget has always been a source of contention and a stimulator of debate across every business sector, but this year both manufacturing and exports have been recipients of favourable decisions from the Chancellor.

Creation of jobs has been a significant motivator behind one of George Osborne’s key budget decisions which will give manufacturers an estimated £50,000 reduction from their energy bills through Government investment in more energy efficient sources such as nuclear, shale gas and renewable energies.  The decision has been made following reports from the US that their manufacturing sector was set to create 5 millions jobs over the next few years due to significantly cheaper energy costs – almost half those of the UK.

The recovering UK economy has also inspired a focus on exports and it has been revealed that exporters will receive £3 billion in direct lending coupled with a cut in interest rates on that lending by one third. The move is designed to put them in a position where they can complete more effectively in the global market place, both in terms of bidding for contracts and the sale of UK goods overseas.

The cuts to energy bills of UK manufacturing businesses should mean we can expect to see further growth in the number of job opportunities for procurement within this sector as companies are able to invest the money saved in recruiting new talent into their teams. Procurement professionals involved in international trade should also welcome the boost to lending which will give them greater traction throughout the whole procurement process and open the door to greater business opportunities.

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