Flexibility holds the key to attracting procurement talent

What would be on your ‘must-have’ list for a future career move? This time last year most procurement leaders would have responded with terms such as ‘competitive remuneration’ or ‘generous bonus structure’ but in today’s market something has shifted.

Whilst money still drives top procurement talent, the ability to work flexibly has become equally desirable. Over the course of the last two weeks alone Procurement Heads have completed two recruitment projects where the talent involved explained that flexible working would be a pre-requisite if they were to pursue the opportunities on offer. One had a considerable commute to complete and required the flexibility to work from home for three days. The other had childcare arrangements that only extended from Monday to Thursday and subsequently required a four day working pattern.

Interestingly, both organisations involved were more concerned with securing the talent to their teams. They understood that any inconvenience caused by a change in working pattern would be overridden by the value-add these individuals could bring and quickly found a way to accommodate their requests.

This speed and agility is a growing sign that as far as procurement recruitment is concerned, demand is swiftly outstripping supply and to keep up with rising business levels and secure the right skills, Procurement Leaders are casting their nets across wider geographies and opening the door to more flexible working patterns. Flexi-time, part-time and working from home are all becoming viable options, enabling hiring managers to attract the experienced individuals they need from further afield and open the door to people with additional responsibilities such as childcare.

These changes may have taken a little time to impact the job market, after all the right to request flexible working came to pass in June 2014, but we may be seeing the end of the days where a procurement manager earning £50k in Hampshire accepts a new role earning £55k in the same region and calls it career progression. Today’s procurement leaders consider national locations and look for an adaptable, forward thinking working culture when considering their next career move.

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Helen Harling

Office and Marketing Manager for both Procurement Heads and sister brand HR Heads. Graduating with a marketing degree, Helen has continued her passion by leading our marketing function forward. You will see her blogging, tweeting, posting, videoing about Procurement Heads. You can see this on our LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram page.

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