An Inch Wide and A Mile Deep

As a seasoned recruitment consultant fast approaching their 10-year anniversary in the industry I have had many experiences on my journey to arriving at Procurement Heads. I’m into my third month with the business and I thought I would share what I enjoy about my role here.

What sets Procurement Heads apart from our competition is our geographical focus. My role concentrates solely on London and my colleagues cover Surrey & Sussex and Hampshire & Dorset respectively. We take an “Inch Wide and A Mile Deep” approach, a quote that Rupert Gaster, Director of Procurement Heads uses and I’ve always loved. Previously I have covered the whole of the UK as well as the State of Victoria in Australia. I would be sourcing candidates in different geographies and it felt like starting over with each role. I now have a dedicated focus on a specific area and I can see the difference and the value this approach creates.

Already I have built up a network of active job seekers as well as passive candidates who are in the London area. Through our connections here at Procurement Heads we can match their profiles to the positions we are working on and connect the dots. I am well on my way to becoming an expert in the procurement market in London in terms of job opportunities and talent!

Being part of a team that shares knowledge is refreshing. We are dedicated to the procurement market and there is no dilution of irrelevant candidates or other specialisms crossing paths.

At Procurement Heads our ethos is about rewarding relationships and I am actively encouraged to go out and meet with procurement professionals. I enjoy putting faces to names, building rapport with people to really get an understanding of their motivations and requirements. It helps to exceed expectations and ensure successful introductions.

Procurement Heads is the melting pot of all the positive experiences I have had in recruitment and what attracted me to such an innovative business. I look forward to being a big part of our continued growth and success of a specialised recruitment organisation.

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