Jobs, recruitment and the economy for procurement in 2014

The New Year is often a catalyst for positivity, productivity and significant change for procurement and supply chain professionals but it is far easier to come by if coupled with positive news and encouraging statistics.

Luckily 2014 seems to be offering us a surfeit of both with the latest official figures  showing that the UK economy is growing faster than previously anticipated with the estimated annual growth rate rising from 1.5% to 1.9%. We are also seeing continued expansion across all market sectors. Construction has experienced eight months of continuous improvement with output, new orders and employment rising sharply ( The consistent growth within manufacturing has seen price inflation hit a 28 month high ( and the UK service sector grew in every single month of 2013.  (

Another positive piece of news comes from the graduate employment market with a survey of 100 big employers suggesting that they will increase the number of graduates they take on in 2014. The study by High Fliers Research  says they expect a 9% rise in graduate recruitment which equates to about 1,400 extra jobs.

In a recent news article from the BBC Martin Birchall, MD of High Fliers Research is quoted as saying that “this significant increase in graduate vacancies at Britain’s top employers means the job prospects for graduates leaving university this year are the best they’ve been since the start of the recession seven years ago.”

If we couple this with the news that pessimism about our economy has dropped from 79% to just 40% following results from a survey by British Future  then it’s fair to deduce that 2014 really could be the year that Britain carves out a new but very positive identity in Procurement.  

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