Our Services

Our Services

Registering with Procurement Heads is much more than just finding or filling a job. It’s about being a member of a trusted network – about market leading advice without obligation. Put simply: it’s about doing the right thing.

We want to make all our clients happy so we insist on taking the time to understand what you really need. This is how we do it:

Understanding Your Requirements

Meet you in person, understand the remit, culture, context, team, environment, parking, history etc..

Job Description

Assist in creating the best talent acquisition document possible.

Screening Potential Talent

On phone and in person – competency based interview, score, ID and eligibility checks, references (where appropriate).

Shortlist Compilation

Presented in person with notes detailing further areas to explore.


Arranged and all parties pre and de-briefed.


Verbal mediation and acceptance, start date negotiation, contracts exchanged.

Notice Period

Managed and engagement maintained.


Pre-start conversations, Day 1 checks and once candidate in situ, continual aftercare for at least 3 months.