Your Career

Our Services

Strong communication underpins everything we do. As our ‘job seeking’ audience consists of many passive jobseekers, much of what we do will be tailored to the individual’s needs. That said we would broadly expect the process to run as follows:

Initial Contact

Typically by phone, this discussion will centre on finding common ground between your career requirements and our key areas of focus. We’ll be entirely honest with you from the start to manage everyone’s expectations. Where there is synergy we’ll progress to a meeting.


We’ll meet everyone we register – it really is that simple. It’s our assertion that we’d be short-changing our clients if we did anything less. Where geography and timescales allow we’ll do this immediately and face-to-face, but technology such as Skype affords greater flexibility to make contact.

When we meet we’ll do a comprehensive interview, drilling down to your motivations and key achievements, whilst providing constructive CV guidance and advice along the way. We’ll wrap up by putting a plan in place to which both parties can commit.

Relationship Management

Having agreed a plan, we’ll set some timescales to speak to each other and honour these commitments. Procurement is all about building and developing relationships and in this respect Recruitment and Procurement are very much alike. We want our legacy to be a good one and therefore hope that this long term view helps us to achieve this.