Outsourcing – a specialist procurement skill in demand

As a small but expanding business, one of the key enablers of our growth has been a move towards outsourcing some of our business functions.  Sourcing and engaging experienced external providers in areas such as Finance, IT and Payroll has enabled us to direct our own expertise into activities that make us a recruiter of choice for businesses and procurement professionals across Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex, Berkshire, Middlesex and Dorset.

That’s not to say the process hasn’t been without its’ challenges. It has taken us time and a certain amount of trial and error to find the right suppliers and obtain the requisite service. Unsurprisingly it is these same challenges and concerns that face companies of every size but nonetheless, outsourcing is growing in popularity with the benefits seeming to far outweigh the drawbacks.

To emphasise this trend, a recent survey by Grant Thornton LLP showed that two-fifths of firms worldwide are in favour of outsourcing, despite acknowledging initial concerns about handing key business functions over to external providers. In fact the outsourcing market has responded to these concerns by becoming more and more adept at tailoring solutions to individual businesses and making sure companies are aware of the benefits outsourcing can have on the wider business.

For many companies outsourcing has become such an integral part of how the business operates that there is a need to engage staff that have specific skills in managing and developing third-party relationships.  From a procurement recruitment perspective this is reflected by an increasing demand for outsourcing specialists, people who have strong networks, can engage top suppliers and who are comfortable in managing multiple vendor partnerships.

The type of people who are attracted to these roles are often Buyers, Category Managers or Procurement Managers, people who have exceptional relationship building skills and the ability to think commercially – managing everything from the initial identification and approach of service providers, to contract development and negotiation and ongoing relationship management.

As a business we’re not quite at the stage where we need an expert to manage our external vendors but for larger organisations competing in an ever changing and highly competitive global market place, it is likely that demands for outsourcing specialists will continue to grow.

A personal and tailored procurement  recruitment approach, an extensive and exclusive network of qualified procurement professionals and job opportunities, rewarding loyalty and operating locally across Hampshire, Dorset, Sussex, Middlesex, Wiltshire, Berkshire and Surrey  – these are the reasons why people choose to work with Procurement Heads – to join our world visit www.procurementheads.com

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