Outsourcing assists growth in procurement jobs market

In Supply Management this week Debra Maxwell, Managing Director of business process outsourcing  at Arvato, looks at two key factors which she believes have influenced the trend towards outsourcing with particular reference to manufacturing ,where growth has been consistent and impressive.

The first centres around the common misconception that outsourcing is merely a cost cutting strategy, whilst the second looks at the way outsourcing enables businesses to free up their resources and focus on growth opportunities.

In the procurement recruitment market both these views are supported across a range of business sectors. It is true that outsourcing central business functions has enabled some of the businesses we partner to significantly reduce or control operating costs but this is no longer a primary driver.  Many have moved past this phase of recovery following the economic downturn and have moved well in to the growth stage of organisational strategy.

This is reflected by a marked increase in the demand for skills across the procurement spectrum from Buyers and Category Leads to Heads of Procurement and Purchasing Managers. Many of these roles are newly created, proving that business expansion is a primary focus. Others are direct replacements for procurement professionals who have moved on, inspired by a buoyant, healthy jobs market, increased job security and more competitive reward and benefits packages.

Outsourcing is an important facilitator for recruitment within these businesses. By passing key functions out to external providers they are able to improve their business focus and maximise the potential of their internal talent. For procurement this means directing the skills of experienced leaders into business areas where they can add the most value. This in turn creates an internal landscape that is highly attractive to external talent, aiding the recruitment process and supporting long term growth plans.

You can access Maxwell’s full article through the following link: http://bit.ly/1ugFiNp

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