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On the journey to work this morning I found myself listening to a discussion between two radio DJ’s, who were avidly debating what constituted value for money when hiring someone to do a job. Using the example of a skilled web designer they described how this individual would write all the code for each site he built from scratch, despite having plenty of pre-existing code he could have used from other projects to kick-start things. The web designer simply felt he ‘owed it to his client’ to put in the extra time, no matter that he was duplicating work without seeing any real added benefit.


Whist his work ethic is admirable it’s a prime example of the culture of presenteeism that many businesses still employ, mistaking number of hours toiled with quality of work. In a recent article we are told that 30% of British workers have managed to work whilst at the pub. Now we’re not saying Procurement Director’s should send their team off to the Fox and Hounds for a swift half instead of joining in with the Monday morning meeting but offering flexibility and balance can play a huge part in talent attraction, particularly where organisations are looking for some flex in return such as answering calls and emails outside of core business hours.


At Procurement Heads we believe in giving our team the freedom to define their own working hours within a trusting and open culture. If you’re interested in finding out more about working for us, why not get in touch:


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