Procurement finds an attractive recruitment partner in the SME

What inspires you to read something online? Is it a catchy title, interesting pictures or the suggestion of something controversial to follow?

More often than not it’s seeing something you can relate to that implies a relevance to your professional or personal life, such as an article like Phil Machins’  

Entitled ‘Nine reasons to consider contracting with an SME’ Machin paints a picture of the typical SME and why their structure, culture, strategy and internal profile  make them an ideal consideration for any business looking for a ‘creative, nimble, innovative, reactive, accepting, forgiving, success motivated and personal’ supplier.

He draws attention to the tendency of SME’s to be run by well-educated, experienced consultants often with a blue chip business background but without the high costs attached. He reminds us that an SME’s main selling point is speed and ease of transaction, simply because key decision makers are on hand to approve changes – an attractive selling point for buyers, contract managers and other key people in procurement who may be considering the SME as a supplier.

Just as importantly he acknowledges that SME’s place a high regard on retaining business rather than ploughing their hard won resources into capturing new clients.  With the personal touch featuring strongly at the forefront of all their communications, they are able to ensure their relationships remain long-term, healthy and strong.

The picture he paints could be a mirror for the Procurement Heads brand and values. As an established yet still growing SME for Procurement Recruitment it is vital to us that we offer our network of procurement leaders across Hampshire, Dorset, Surrey and Middlesex a highly professional and personal recruitment service underpinned by flexibility, timely decision making and prices that reflect our customers’ loyalty. It is the embodiment of these values that will determine our endurance as a business.

A personal and tailored procurement  recruitment approach, an extensive and exclusive network of qualified procurement professionals and job opportunities, rewarding loyalty and operating locally across Hampshire, Dorset, Sussex, Middlesex, Wiltshire, Berkshire and Surrey  – these are the reasons why people choose to work with Procurement Heads – to join our world visit

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Helen Harling

Office and Marketing Manager for both Procurement Heads and sister brand HR Heads. Graduating with a marketing degree, Helen has continued her passion by leading our marketing function forward. You will see her blogging, tweeting, posting, videoing about Procurement Heads. You can see this on our LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram page.

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