Procurement for Millennials

With 85% of companies claiming to have changed their HR policies to attract millennials, it’s fair to say they are a generation in high demand. For Procurement in particular it will be vital to engage these coveted souls as we strive to build the highly skilled and talented teams needed to enable us to compete in the global market. As an industry we are in a good position to appeal, as long as we play to our strengths and keep looking to the future. Procurement is embracing big data and new technology, our teams value collaborative working and the industry itself can offer a clear and varied career path – all of which appear high on the list of desires for Generation Y.  For more about Procurement and attracting the Millennial workforce take a look at Natasha Levanti’s article in Procurement Sense.


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Founder and Director of Procurement Heads. Level headed, solutions focused, highly experienced recruiter with a detailed knowledge of the procurement market and the ability to challenge accepted norms to achieve effective outcomes. Specialist for the Southern region.

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