Procurement Skills in demand for 2015; a close up view from a recruiters’ perspective

This time last year we were blogging about all the positive things we expected to see in 2014 for Procurement and in many respects the year acquitted itself with honours.

The manufacturing sector in particular bounced back with a boom and demands for new procurement, purchasing and supply chain talent rose across every sector, mainly in response to commercial demand.

But where does this place procurement professionals wanting to progress their careers in 2015? The market is buoyant again but what are Procurement Directors and other Business Leaders looking for when searching for the right talent for their teams?

The key point to note about procurement recruitment is that companies are thinking carefully before going to market with new roles. Rather than repeat patterns of the past and allow a knee jerk reaction to rising of demand by recruiting in haste, leaders are looking to grow their talent. This has partly been driven by a shortage of specialist skills in the market and also because organisations are keen to ensure internal talent is retained and developed.

Many Procurement Leaders also see external recruitment as part of a wider, strategic business objective. Therefore when many of the new purchasing and procurement roles hit the market this year it will be with newly created opportunities rather than like for like replacements. This is good news in many respects as greenfield opportunities provide the kind of challenges that appeal to high potential people and make sourcing them more stimulating.

Finding the right skills will still be a challenge. Today’s procurement teams need a wide base of soft and technical skills in order to compete in the global market. Communication skills, the ability to influence and negotiate and think strategically are all skills that today’s professional must be able to demonstrate.

Category experience in areas such as technology, marketing and other high profile business areas will be in demand, particularly because a certain level of expertise is needed for the post-holder to work effectively with stakeholder groups. The salaries and remuneration packages on offer with these opportunities will be commensurate with their complexity and challenges will arise for anyone unprepared to pay the market rate to entice the right people.

Other areas of expertise that will be valuable include knowledge and analysis of supply chain techniques such as Six Sigma and Lean manufacturing and a comprehensive understanding of sustainability.

Sectors’ expected to fare particularly well this year are consumer goods, manufacturing and pharmaceuticals although it is expected that opportunities will arise in every sector.

To keep on top of new opportunities as soon as they hit the market, keep a close eye on our job opportunities:

We look forward to working with you in 2015.

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