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One of my contacts applied for a role last year with a very well known pharmaceutical company. One of his primary reasons for pursuing the opportunity came down to the company’s profile and the culture they claimed to embody. Sadly the organisation failed to live up to their reputation and my contact has now moved on. What his experience does highlight however is the importance of image when it comes to attracting talent within the recruitment market.

This is reflected in the recent surge of employment within manufacturing, which has seen its’ highest employment growth since May 2011 according to a recent CIPS report. Hywel Roberts explores this further in an article for HR Magazine, where he quotes Nigel Whitehead (Commissioner for the UK Commission for Employment and Skills) as saying that “manufacturing has now regained its confidence. It’s now seen as a fashionable sector again whereas a few years ago that very much wasn’t the case.”

Manufacturing has every right to display confidence with recent news reports from Supply Management showing that levels of production and new business continuing to rise at “robust and above-trend rates and one in six firms making the decision to bring manufacturing back to the UK.

As recruiters, some of the key things job seekers ask when we approach them with new opportunities revolves around sector, culture and image. Procurement professionals looking for new opportunities in Surrey, Sussex, Wiltshire, Hampshire and Dorset want to make sure they are pursuing roles within organisations that will have a positive impact on their careers.

Just as importantly Procurement Managers, Heads of Procurement and Procurement Directors want to work with professional recruiters with excellent reputations and the ability to introduce them to the kind of companies they want to work for. To this end the recruiters in question will need to have a proven track record in the procurement recruitment field and a highly professional and credible image that is consistently backed up in the way they operate. This is not setting the bar high, this is how procurement recruitment should be and why people choose to work with Procurement Heads. Expect no less.

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